Top-Notch Intermodal Trucking Services in Washington

Landbridge Logistics LLC provides logistics solutions to all harbors and rail yards across Seattle and Tacoma. We specialize in container drayage, intermodal services and ocean imports.

Our Services

Over the years, we have established an interchange agreement with every major railroad and steamship line in the area. You can trust our crew to pick up and deliver containers from any rail yard throughout Seattle and Tacoma.

Our primary service offering includes:

Container Drayage

We have intermodal container drayage with a well-deserved reputation for safety and reliability. Our commitment to on-time and safe transportation of your cargo has enabled us to excel as an industry leader.

Intermodal Services

Be it a 20-inch, 40-inch, or 45-inch chassis—as long as you can specify us your special needs, we are going to be able to provide you with any equipment that you might need to get the work done and have the load delivered.

Secure Yard Storage

We provide secure yard storage for your most sensitive and valuable cargo. Your shipping needs are our top priority.

Expedited Service

If your load is “hot,” you will surely appreciate our response: On average, between the time that we receive the confirmation and your work order to the time we dispatch, our driver is only a question of minutes. With our drivers having more than 10 years of experience and training, you could count on us to move your freight on time while saving you money and stress.

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